Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

This committee is responsible for GreenMaster, the CGSA website, any other current or future publications, member and program marketing, product and service development and all award programs and for any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

2017/2018 Committee Members

darren [at] stbonifacegolfclub [dot] com (subject: CGSA%20Website%20Enquiry) (Darren Kalyniuk )(Chair), St. Boniface Golf and Country Club

tkubash [at] salmonarmgolf [dot] com (Tim Kubash), MS, AGS (Vice Chair), Salmon Arm Golf Course

Dean Piller, AGS, Cordova Bay Golf Course

Brian Youell, MS, AGS, Uplands Golf Club

Aaron Weinberg, Oakville Golf Club

Colin White, Bayer

Jeff Calderwood, CGSA

bmanifold [at] golfsupers [dot] com (subject: CGSA%20Website%20Enquiry) (Barb Manifold), Staff Liaison CGSA