Canadian Turfgrass Conference
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The education program at The 2019 Canadian is exclusively sponsored by Syngenta.  Programming will run on Tuesday, March 5, Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7. All education sessions will be held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Conference Centre.

As part of the CGSA Redesign process we listened to what topics were of importance to turf managers.  You'll see the leadership, business and human resources management topics incorporated throughout the program alongside some key turf sessions as well.

Conference Education Sessions are Offered
Tuesday, March 5 - Thursday March 7, 2019

Communicating with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility: Are You Undermining Your Success?
Presented by Laura Katen, Author, Speaker, Consultat, Exeuctive Coach and President of New York based professional development training company Katen Consulting

This dynamic presentation will share attributes of a great first impression and the connection between the first impression and your success. Attendees will gain understanding that they can control how other perceive them by how they present themselves and communicate information.  Strategies that can be immediately used to develop and strengthen communications skills will be shared and techniques to do this in every communication will be given.  If you're needing to improve your confidence when speaking or networking this is a session you don't want to miss. 

Several strategies to improve your credibility will also be shared so that you can interact appropriately and build rapport along with key networking ettiquette ideas.

Ms. Katen shares a drive to educate and entertain during her presentations making the strategies and information easy to understand and implement.  A must attend session for anyone.

Current Human Resource Challenges and Developments in the Canadian Landscape
Presented by Melanie Peacock, PhD, MBA, CPHR, Double M Consulting

As a manager understanding the evolving nature of Human Resource Management within Canada is a key responsiblity.  Awareness of what is occuring will help you anticipate and plan for, key issues that are likely to impact your employees.  This session will provide:

  • A deeper understanding of evolving HR legislation in Canada and how to plan for these amendments;
  • Critical examination of changes to performance management processes in Canada;
  • An overview of changes to recruitment and selections practices within Canadian organizations;
  • Emerging trends that keep Canadian Chief HR Officers awake at night;
  • Leading edge practices to create an engaged, motivated workforce.

New Trends in Putting Green Surface Management
Presented by Adam Moeller, USGA

This session will focus on management practices that directly impact putting green surface performance and turf health.  Topdressing frequency and sand size selection, mowing heights and frequency, and rolling practices are highlighted.  Plant growth regulation programs and data collection also will be included as they relate to managing surface smoothness and turf health.  Learning Objectives of this session:

  • Determine the key practices that are necessary to improve the performance of putting greens;
  • Use data collection to determine how they can fine-tune management inputs to produce high quality playing conditions;
  • Implement regular double cutting and regular rolling without a dramatic increase in operating expenses;
  • Select topdressing sand that will work best for their putting greens.

Here's What I Think I Know - 31 Years Watching Grass Grow Has Taught Me This
Presented by Grant Murphy, The National Golf Club of Canada

"I do not know what I've said until you tell me what you've heard."  

We hear the lamentations industry wide about the difficulty we all share finding good people.  What if we were the problem? What if we were better at leading people? Would people then be better at following us?  What if our relationships with our staff were as strong as our agronomic plans?  Is this stuff learnable?  YES!  Come out and hear Murphy tell you his belief that there is a vast room for us to improve the effectiveness of our largest budget item - our people.  Those people - individually - are the source and substance of every success we have on our golf courses.

Thatch - How to Best Control
Presented by Beth Guertal, PhD, Auburn University

This session will cover the types of management practices that may affect thatch and organic matter in turfgrass systems, and how best to manage that thatch.  Discussions will include vertical mowing, aerification, top dressing and other practices that can affect organic matter accumulations in managed turf systems.

Learning Objectives of this session:
• Will be able to recognize and understand the factors that increase thatch and organic matter under turfgrass.
• Become knowledgeable in the various types of equipment that may affect thatch and understand which are best for organic matter management and which are best for compaction
• Learn about alternative thatch control methods such as biological inoculants

Be The Leader for The Generational Workplace
Presented by Carlos Arraya, CGCS, Bellerive Country Club

As professionals we all desire to be great leaders and more importantly, become better leaders.  In this session we will discuss leadership styles and learn to use your leadership voice to deliver a message that develops individuals and your teams while enhancing your operation.  Embracing the leadership voice within to improve your team is the future of our industry.

Moss Control:  What We Know Now
Presented by Jack Fry, PhD, Kansas State University

An overview of the biology of mosses commonly occurring on putting greens and how cultural practices can enhance or deter their growth and expanion.  This session will understand what causes the spread and development of moss on putting greens, recognize how cultural practices can enhance or reduce moss populations and understand chemical control for moss.

New Rules of Golf and Course Management
Presented by Jack Fry, PhD, Kansas State University

The Rules of Golf underwent a major overall for 2019.  Some of the new Rules that are in effect will have significant impact on course management and particularly the way that marking is done on the course.  This session will assist turf professionals recognize and understand the changes made to the Rules of Golf and how the course marking options have changed.  Participants will also get advice on how to develop a plan for communicating the impacts of Rules changes to golf course administration.

Health & Safety Forwards and Backwards for the Golf Maintenance Team
Derwin Parker, BPE, CRSP, The Glencoe Club

In this session we are going to split our time; first up looking at traditional hazard based approach to managing safety for our people.  Then we'll move on to approach the newer hazards of the workplace such as workplace harassment and violoence, mental health and even incorporate cannabis into the conversation.  This session incorporates an integral discussion for any employee to be aware.

Through participation in the sessions attendees will be able to use a basic hazard assessment to identify hazards and potential controls.  Participants will be able to understand that hazards celebrated as "new" in Canadian OH & S legislation updates are not new and we likely have been putting controls in place for years.  Participants will further be able to communicate the difference of hust having a safety plan and developing a due diligence defense.


Dealing with the Pressures of the Job, While Managing.....Anxiety
Presented by Paul Robertson, Victoria Golf Club and Miranda Robinson, Summerlea Golf Club

In a fast paced world where expectations are exceedingly high, it can be common to neglect ones mental health.  How can you learn to reconnect with yourself to navigate and manage a life with anxiety?  One word.....mindfullness.  Understanding control methods for anxiety can aid in the quest for a more mindful existence.  In this session you learn first hand advice from and engage in talk with long time anxiety sufferers, managing both anxiety and a high stress job.

Leadership and Balance - Building a Team and Having a Life While Maintaining a Championship Golf Course
Presented by Chris Tritabaugh, Golf Course Superintendent, Hazeltine National Golf Club

In this one hour talk, Chris will discuss his philosophies on leadership and team building, and how a successful team and work place culture have enabled him to find balance in work and life.  At the end of this session you'll be able to understand the importance of inspiring team members, learn how an inspired team makes gaining spectacular course conditions easier and understand how an inspired team will allow us to find better balance between work and home.

There will also be Specialized Learning Workshops, presented by Toro on Monday, March 4, 2019 (additional charge). 

*Speakers, times and presentation topics are subject to change.