Canadian Turfgrass Conference
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Specialized Learning Workshops

 Presented in Partnership with The Toro Company

Seminars will be offered on Monday, March 4, 2019 at the Fairmont Banff Springs Conference Centre. There is an additional charge to attend these workshops.

Workshops OFfered at 8 am - 12 pm

The Workplace Culture
Presented by Carlos Arraya, CGCS Bellerive Country Club and Grant Murphy, The National Golf Club of Canada

If you want to improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity and build a positive team oriented workplace environment, this seminar is for you.  In order to gain greater value from this seminar participants are encouraged to come prepared by bringing personal experiences and discussion scenarios in order to fully engage and contribute to the open discussion environment.  Participants will take away valuable communication tools and strategies that will enhance their workplace environment and facility.

New Trends in Putting Green and Fairway Management
Presented by Adam Moeller, USGA Green Section

This seminar will focus on management practices that allow superintendents to produce high-quality putting greens and fairways. Cultural practices such as BMP's for mowing, rolling, irrigation, fertility, top dressing and aeration will be discussed.  Disease management will also be a focus. Return on investment projects such as regrassing will also be discussed.  This seminar will include group discussions where appropriate. New trends including turf performance data collection, drones, GPS spraying and robotic mowers will be included.

Workshops OFFERED AT 1 pm - 5 pm

Managing Change is Par for the Course - Practical tools and strategies to ensure your employees embrace and implement transformation at work
Presented by Melanie Peacock, Ph.D., MBA, CPHR, Double M Consulting

As a leader you are responsible for carrying out various amendments within an organization.  In order for this to effectively occur your tream must embrace and then implement these changes.  Desired results will not be achieved unless your people are on board and put these new practices into action.

During this interactive workshop you will learn how to help your employees enact change by discussing:

  • Typical causes of change and how this impacts implementation;
  • Effective utilization of the change management formula;
  • Typical responses and barriers to change;
  • Best practices for overcoming resistance to change;
  • Methods for maintaining momentum and essential communication practices during times of change.

The Soil Under Your Turf - What's Going on Down There?
Presented by Beth Geurtal, Ph.D., Auburn University

This seminar will discuss the basics of soil chemical and physical propreties, including cation exchange and capacity and porosity.  These properties affect nutrient holding, water movement and the environmental impact of your golf course.  We will also discuss how soil properties affect soil testing and the soil test report.  This directly impacts fertilizer use.

At the end of this session the attendee will be able to:

  • Read and interpret a soil test, and make proper fertilizer selections
  • Understand the effects of soil properties on water movement in your turf system
  • Best manage soil chemical properties for a protected turf environment