CGSA Announces Merv Lovie as the 2017 Equipment Technician of the Year Award Recipient

February 15th, 2018

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) is pleased to announce Merv Lovie, Head Equipment Manager at Priddis Greens Golf & C.C. in Priddis, Alberta, as the CGSA Equipment Technician of the Year Award recipient for 2017. 

The CGSA Equipment Technician of the Year Award is presented annually to the technician whose nomination is judged to be the best example of an individual who exhibits professionalism, innovation and a team approach to make a significant contribution to their golf facility and the golf community.

Merv will be presented with his award as part of the 2018 CGSA Awards Dinner/Ceremony. This ceremony will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 in the Ballroom at the Hilton Quebec Hotel.

Merv Lovie joined the Priddis Greens G&CC Turf Care team in the capacity of Head Equipment Manager in February of 2014 after 20 years of experience in the sales & service side of the golf course equipment industry. Merv immediately made a significant impact to both the operation and the culture of the Priddis team.

Priddis Greens has two golf courses that are cared for by a staff of more than 75 people, and there are more than 300 pieces of equipment including 140 gas golf cars that must be maintained and serviced. The sheer volume of equipment and number of staff is a significant challenge for an Equipment Technician as there are always so many issues to deal with in an operation of this magnitude.

In the four years that Merv has worked at Priddis Greens he has kept their fleet of equipment running flawlessly, makes repairs with a sense of urgency and now contributes significantly to both capital equipment purchases and the 10-year plan. Merv also provides excellent leadership and tutelage to the two other Equipment Technicians under his care. What is equally impressive is the manner in which Merv has conducted himself as a team player and a professional Equipment Manager. Merv is very organized and has made his challenging role of managing the equipment fleet look easy. This has all been accomplished by him with very little to no strain or stress, while maintaining a very positive and fun outlook on his role, even during the challenging times.

Congratulations Merv for your outstanding contribution to the Turf Care Team of Priddis Greens. You have proven your commitment to excellence and you have elevated the standard of the Priddis Team to the highest level!

We hope you will come out and congratulate Merv on winning the 2017 Equipment Technician of the Year Award. To register for the conference or to attend the awards ceremony please visit

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