CGSA Announces Reid Solodan as the 2019 CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement Award Winner

January 24th, 2020

Mississauga, ON - The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) and Rain Bird are pleased to announce Reid Solodan, AGS, Superintendent from the Canmore Golf & Curling Club in Canmore, Alberta, as the CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement of the Year Award winner for 2019.

The CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement Award recognizes a member of the CGSA who has held the position of golf course superintendent for a minimum of five years and who has distinguished themselves through dedication to the profession, performance as a golf course superintendent and contributions to their profession and their community by choosing a specific environmental project, policy, program or practice that has been initiated on their course and documented the environmental impact that this initiative has had at their facility.

Reid was selected for this award because of his unique Vermicomposting system that he incorporated at Canmore Golf & Country Club after he was approached by local School Community Gardner Christian Wright with Sweet Earth, a dedicated community farmer who is passionate about sustainability.

Hundreds of worms working tirelessly to turn organic waste from the course into workable, useable soil, make up its vermicomposting system – a system that is working beautifully after a full year running.

“We were hesitant at first, but now we have a process and it’s working pretty well. What we’ve noticed with the divots we fill in [with the soil], this creates a little darkness and some heat from the sun, we find the seeds germinate quicker too. There are nutrients in there helping it along. It has been a year since we started with 4lbs of red wigglers, we have estimated that we now have over 50lbs of worms, which equates to 50,000 worms! This process is proven to reduce our costs on hauling product off site and to reduce and reuse. It checks all the boxes from a social point of view, an environmental point of view and an economic point of view," said Reid.

Reid has been a CGSA member since 1994 and holds the Association's Accredited Golf Superintendent (AGS) designation. He has been the Superintendent at Canmore Golf & Curling Club since 2004

“CGSA is very pleased to announce Reid is the 2019 CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement Award winner.  Golf course superintendents are problem solvers and Reid is an example for all of us. What Reid did is leadership through action. He took a risk and tried something new, something innovative and beautifully simple. He evaluated the resources he had at hand, one of which was an expert member of his community and connected the dots that resulted in an innovative solution that involved outreach beyond the limits of his golf course. Superintendents perform well when we bring resources together for the benefit of our operations and perform even better when that same process benefits our environment. Thank you and congratulations, Reid."
-       Greg Austin, CGSA President

“It is an honour for Rain Bird to present this award to Reid. The CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement Award recognizes the achievements of golf course superintendents and their staff in promoting and preserving the special relationship between golf course properties and environmentally sustainable business practices. Reid not only demonstrated uniqueness in his program, he demonstrated that reducing the club’s carbon footprint can be done in creative and impactful ways.

Reid’s Vermicomposting project created a strong positive impact on his community. We all know that superintendents are stewards of the environment; however, often times the public perception is different. Reid’s project proves to all that we can be leaders in environmental stewardship. To quote Reid: “People call it waste, I call it an opportunity!”

Rain Bird is very proud to present Reid Solodan with the 2019 CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement Award.” 
-      Serge Gauthier - Golf Senior Area Manager – Rain Bird Canada

As the CGSA/Rain Bird Environmental Achievement of the Year winner, Reid will receive an "All-Access" registration to The Canadian 2020 Golf Course Management Conference in Ottawa, Ontario from March 1-5, 2020, 4 nights' accommodation at the Westin Ottawa Hotel and transportation costs.

Congratulations to Reid. We hope you will come out and congratulate him on winning this award during the CGSA Awards Luncheon where he will be presented with his award on Monday, March 2, 2020. To register for the conference or to attend the awards ceremony please visit

Greg Austin                                                                    Serge Gauthier
CGSA President                                                            Golf Senior Area Manager
Golf Operations Manager & Superintendent                 Rain Bird Canada
Campbell River Golf and Country Club
e: gregaustin [dot] bc [at] gmail [dot] com                                      e: sgauthier [at] rainbird [dot] com

Rain Bird is the exclusive sponsor of this award. Thanks to the support from Rain Bird we can give recognition to our environmental achievement award winners who are an integral part of the golf course management profession.

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