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Assistant Superintendent Committee


This committee is responsible for helping the CGSA in gaining membership and support throughout the country for Assistant Superintendents and for any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

2024/2025 Committee Members

  • Dustin How, AGS, (Chair), Southwood Golf & Country Club, dustin@southwood.ca 
  • Matthew Blackburn, (Vice Chair), Chester Golf Club, matt-blackburn@hotmail.com
  • Lori Micucci, Staff Liaison, CGSA, lmicucci@golfsupers.com 
  • Morgan Robins, The Vancouver Golf Club
  • Paul Davey, Cordova Bay Golf Course
  • Rob Munro, Cabot Cliffs Golf Course
  • Jeff Hoffart, The Glendale Golf and Country Club
  • Amanda Frend, Ladies' Golf Club of Toronto