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CGSA's Employment Referral Service

SuperSearch is a job posting service provided for golf courses. All CGSA members receive job postings either by e-mail or members can login to the “Members Only” area of our website to see the latest listings.

Employers now have the opportunity to circulate their job postings at a minimal charge to approximately 1,000 individuals, overnight. This approach provides an excellent, low-priced opportunity for employers to recruit a qualified golf professional and provides members with a value-added member service.

For a copy of the Order Form click here.  

Cost per Job Posting:

Non-Member Fee: $635.00, plus tax - Not a member, join today and save off your job posting by joining here!
Member Fee: Superintendent Position is $445.00 plus Tax
Member Fee: Any Other Positions* is $365.00 plus Tax (Contact Lori Micucci for the special code to receive $75 off this posting).

* Other Positions: Assistant Superintendent, Golf Equipment Technician, or Maintenance positions