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Master Superintendent

Obtaining the Master Superintendent® designation is the highest recognition in the golf superintendent's profession in Canada. You are identified with distinguished colleagues who have demonstrated the experience and determination to be at the top of their field. Master Superintendents are highly visible. They are helping to raise industry standards and increasing the respect for and prestige of the golf superintendent's profession.

Effective October 8, 2019 the eligibility criteria that must be met to write the Master Superintendent® exam includes:

MS™ Eligibility:

Effective October 8, 2019, the eligibility criteria that must be met to write the Master Superintendent® exam includes:

  • At least eight (8) consecutive years as a CGSA “Superintendent” or “Golf Course Management” member;
  • Hold the Accredited Golf Superintendent™ (AGS®) designation, and;
  • Complete the Master Superintendent exam with the required passing grade (exam is three (3) hours and includes nine sections and 150 questions; candidates must achieve a minimum grade of fifty percent (50%) in each section and an overall average of 70%).


  • In 2019 the Board of Directors approved the recommendation by the Professional Development and Accreditation Committee to alter the Master Superintendent® exam criteria.  The amendments that have been implemented are the number of questions moving to 150, with a time limit of 3 hours.  Successful exam participants must reach an overall average on the exam of 70%. For more information, please click here.

The NEW Master Superintendent® examination consists of 150 multiple choice type questions (open book format) relating to the level three skills in the National Occupational Standards and is three (3) hours in length. The study material for this exam consists of 10 reference books as noted in the application form. Once your application has been approved, you have the option of writing the exam either at the CGSA office a local College or University, or in your local region. A post-secondary faculty member or a CGSA member who currently holds either the MS or AGS designation is also eligible to Proctor your exam.

After earning the Master Superintendent® designation you must retain your Superintendent status and you must achieve 125 continuing education credits (CEC) over a 5-year period. This procedure helps keep Master Superintendents updated on new developments through participation in educational seminars, conferences and other related activities.

NOTE: If you allow your designation to lapse, you must rewrite the current exam to obtain your designation.

As a Master Superintendent® You Receive:

Authority to use the Master Superintendent® designation on letterhead, business cards and all forms of address as long as you remain a Superintendent member and meet all the other criteria. You also receive a Master Superintendent® certificate, a MS lapel pin and an invitation to attend the CGSA Awards Luncheon. If you wish, your employer will be notified by the CGSA President that you have achieved the Association's highest designation.

Information and Forms

CGSA Members Who Have Achieved and Currently Hold the Master Superintendent® (MS™) Professional Designation

  • Neil Acton, MS Emeritus
  • Trevor Anderson, MS
  • Keith Blayney, MS
  • Marc Brooks, MS Emeritus
  • Robert Burrows, MS Emeritus
  • Jon Clark, MS Emeritus
  • RJ Cloutier, MS
  • Bruce Constable, MS Emeritus
  • Kendall Costain, MS
  • Brad Eshpeter, MS
  • William Fach, MS Emeritus
  • Garry Haynes, MS
  • Robert Heron, MS Emeritus
  • Gregory Hollins, MS
  • Tim Kubash, MS Emeritus
  • Ashely LeGeyt, MS Emeritus
  • Douglas Meyer, MS Emeritus
  • Dean Morrison, MS Emeritus
  • Blake Palmer, MS Emeritus
  • Mike Pellerin, MS
  • Dennis Pellrene, MS Emeritus
  • Owen Russell, MS
  • Robin Sadler, MS
  • Paul Scenna, MS
  • Pelino Scenna, MS Emeritus
  • Randy Scott, MS Emeritus
  • Lee Strutt, MS
  • Jason Winter, MS
  • Brian Youell, MS

If you're interested in earning this recognized designation in golf course management or have any questions regarding the program, please contact , Lori Micucci at 1-800-387-1056 or 416-626-8873, ext. 27.