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Kii by CloudMD CGSA Member and Family Assistance Program
(Formerly HumanaCare)

What is Kii (Formerly HumanaCare)

As a member of the CGSA, you now have the option to add Kii by CloudMD CGSA’s Member and Family Assistance Program to your renewal for the low cost of $50. We provide a wide-range of mental health programs that create a connected, stepped-care approach to mental health from prevention to treatment. Kii is our health & wellness program accessed via our user-friendly platform or 24/7 phone line that can be configured based on the needs of each individual. Core services include:

Full-Service Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP):

Kii provides free, confidential support and counselling for individuals and their families experiencing work-life challenges. Kii provides short-term counselling 24/7 by phone, in-person or via their virtual/mobile app to assist with challenges such as:

  • Counselling & Therapy
  • Addiction Support
  • Cancer Support
  • Health & Life Coaching
  • Child/Eldercare Services
  • Financial Support
  • Health/Wellness Support
  • Legal Support
  • Mindfulness Program
  • Crisis Management & Trauma-related Services

Mental Health +

We enhanced the EFAP by adding services that provide a connected and stepped care approach to mental health from prevention to treatment.

Mental Health Coach is personalized coaching that helps empower employees to take control of their mental health and build lasting habits and is a cost effective, first step in accessing appropriate treatment. This program includes a clinically-validated health assessment with a personalized action plan and ongoing support from a dedicated Coach.

Guided iCBT helps clients change the way they feel by changing the way they think and how they behave. Guided iCBT is personalized therapy, leveraging unlimited confidential asynchronous messaging with a therapist and high-quality clinical content online to build skills and better manage a variety of mental health conditions.

EFAP and Mental Health +

  • Full-Service EFAP
  • 24/7/365 Phone Contact Centre
  • Nurse Support Throughout Care Journey
  • Mental Health Coach
  • Guided ICBT
  • Online Access and Wellness Portal
  • Integrated and Personalized Digital Platform Experience (24/7 Self-Serve)
  • Kii’s Stronger Minds Wellness Library
  • Patient-Friendly Medical Reference Library and Health & Wellness Advice

Members, their spouses/partners and children under 25 years of age (or still dependent) can access services.

How do I access Kii?

Sign up today by checking off the box for $50 when renewing your CGSA membership dues or contacting Lori Micucci at: 1-800-387-1056/416-626-8873, ext. 27. She will get you signed up to receive access to these support services that will better support you and your family through any work-life challenges you may face. 

Kii is here to help!