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Tracking points

Reach for the Top!  

"First off, this way of keeping CEC current will be fantastic. A heads up to all CGSA members that this process is easy and to follow up after every professional development taken and input your credits.  It literally took me less than 30 minutes to enter five years’ worth of credits.  This will rock to keep our CGSA professional growth portfolio up to date!!", said Kerry C. Watkins, AGS

Track Your Continued Education Credits (CEC) On-Line

You can track your “continuing education credits” on-line including CGSA events and other educational activity.

It is simple! Just login to the website as a member and go to MEMBERS HOME tab then My Certification and start tracking all your credits.  Then when it comes time for you to apply or recertify for your Master Superintendent (MS), Accredited Golf Superintendent (AGS) or Accredited Assistant Golf Superintendent (AAGS) designation you will have all the necessary details, including a total of all your education credits on hand to submit with your application and/or renewal.

Here’s how:

  • Add New Credit – Under Notes add your event here e.g., seminar, conference, add the date and location of the event here as well
  • Under Designation – Add what you are applying for or renewing e.g., MS, AGS or AAGS
  • Under Expiry date – Add the approximate date you will have your application complete or add in your renewal date here
  • Under Number of Credits - add in your CEC amount here e.g., 4 CEC

To see an example of Continuing Education Credit Approvals from the 2023 The Canadian Golf Course Management Conference, please click here.

For a listing of MS, AGS & AAGS Education Credit Information, please click the Program Credit Values Booklet here.