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National Occupational Standards

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) are a compilation of what a superintendent should know in order to competently perform specific tasks in the workplace. They are an inventory of essential skills that impact professional performance and the ability to adapt to the changing work environment.

The development of these Standards had a number of purposes, some of which relate to the employer and some to the individual superintendent:

  • Increased occupational recognition
  • Increased credibility and professionalism
  • Provide a tool to assist the individual superintendent to identify personal skill areas that need upgrading and improvement
  • Provide a guide for determining which education and training programs would be most consistent with the professional needs of the individual superintendent, resulting in an improved resource
  • Help to better define career path options
  • Increased mobility for the superintendent
  • Provide a tool to determine appropriate salary level
  • Provide a tool to use when hiring or assessing staff
  • A basis for recognition programs

The process evolved through four phases:

  1. Planning and producing the NOS
  2. Marketing of the NOS
  3. Curriculum development/ accreditation
  4. Recognition/ certification

The CGSA adopted a two part accreditation and certification program in 2005 which was implemented beginning July 1, 2006. 

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