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CGSA/Foley Company Equipment Technician of the Year Award

Foley Company Renews Sponsorship Agreement
posted on Oct 21, 2020

CGSA and the Foley Company Announce Continued Sponsorship of the CGSA/Foley Company Equipment Technician of the Year Award

Mississauga, ON (October 21, 2020) - The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) and the Foley Company are pleased to announce the continued exclusive sponsorship of the CGSA/Foley Company Equipment Technician of the Year Award.

“CGSA is proud to partner with the Foley Company to offer the CGSA/Foley Company Equipment Technician of the Year Award,” said Darren Kalyniuk, CGSA President. “This support allows the golf industry to recognize the outstanding contributions equipment technicians make to the operations of the golf course.”

“Foley Company is proud to once again acknowledge the hard work, tough hours, and all-around expertise that today’s equipment managers embrace to keep a course running,” said Greg Turner, Global Sales Director of the Foley Company.  “They are truly the right-hand man of the golf course superintendents and their value within the overall golf complex is why we’re so pleased to invest in this award.  Their role is crucial to any successful superintendent, as they are indeed one of the key cogs in helping meet today’s golfer expectations.”

This award recognizes the specific achievements of a golf course equipment technician whose performance and contributions to the success of the facility go beyond those that would normally be expected. It is presented to an individual who has contributed to his or her golf facility in a significant way and who has demonstrated professionalism, innovation and a team approach in their work.

The award winner will receive registration to The Canadian 2021 Golf Course Management Conference. In addition, the recipient will receive a prize package from Foley Company valued at $1,000 and the Equipment Technician of the Year plaque.

About CGSA

The CGSA represents golf course superintendents, assistant superintendents, equipment technicians, and others involved in golf course management across Canada. CGSA was founded in 1966 and has over 1,000 members. Its mission is to promote excellence in golf course management and environmental responsibility through the continuing professional development of its members.

About Foley Company

The Foley Company continues to be the innovative leader with grinders for the golf & turf industry and sets the standard when it comes to quality of the finished grind.  Their patented rear roller mounting system and all-visual gauging system introduced in 2015 makes set-up more efficient than ever, and their 622 Spin-Only grinder makes for a product group that’s a cut above.  Foley’s capability and choice allows quick touch-up spin grinding or returning to OEM specifications and this is what separates the Foley Company from everyone else.  See Foley’s full range of grinders at www.foleyco.com.

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