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June 30th CGSA Deadline Dates

posted on Jun 29, 2021

Tomorrow is the Last Day to:

  • Renew your Membership Before it Expires
  • Nominate a Distinguished Superintendent
  • Recruit your Assistant to Win Prizes 


Don't Let Your Membership Expire

This is a reminder if you haven't already renewed your CGSA, BCGSA and MGSA membership for the 2021-2022 membership year, your membership is about to expire tomorrow on June 30th.

You can renew your National, Provincial and/or both your National & Provincial membership now. Simply click here and Login (your login is your email address), enter your password and then click the red Renew Now tab on the Welcome Page.


Tomorrow is the Last Day to Nominate a Distinguished Superintendent!

Just a reminder that nominations for the 2021 CGSA/Bayer Superintendent of the Year Award must be post marked by the deadline date of tomorrow June 30, 2021.

The CGSA/Bayer Superintendent of the Year Award is one of CGSA’s most prestigious awards. The title is awarded to a superintendent who has been nominated by either a Provincial Golf Superintendent Association or by a CGSA member as a knowledgeable and competent member of the profession who has been distinguished in the practice of golf course management. The winner of this award is chosen by an anonymous committee of peers.

For more details and a copy of the nomination form, please click here or contact Lori Micucci at: 1-800-387-1056/416-626-8873 ext. 27 or by e-mail at: lmicucci@golfsupers.com.

This award is sponsored by Bayer.


Recruit Your Assistant Today!

Thank you to every CGSA member who recently renewed their 2021-2022 membership.  We appreciate your continued support.  As this season gets underway, we are wondering if you’ve considered membership for any of your key staff members, in particular your Assistant?  We know that you count on them for many tasks throughout the day so why not share the professional development and recognition that comes with being a part of the CGSA?

Help to make CGSA’s voice stronger by sharing membership with your Assistant today! There are numerous benefits for your assistant including professional development opportunities, designation program and awards; including the CGSA/Toro Assistant Superintendent of the Year Award.

Simply have your Assistant complete this form or join online by June 30, 2021.  Include your name on the application and in return you will be entered into a draw for a CGSA prize pack.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Micucci at: 1-800-387-1056/416-626-8873, ext. 27.