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Recruit a CGSA Member is a Win Win!!

This is a Limited Time Offer
posted on Aug 21, 2020


Now is the time to recruit your assistant or a colleague to the CGSA. Not only do they win, but if you recruit a new member by August 31, 2020 you win too! (note, the recruit a winner has been extended until September 14, 2020).

To thank you for helping CGSA build a stronger membership; you will receive a 2020 subscription to CGSA’s memberperks® program Venngo. This program provides discounts from leading retailers and brand name companies, meaning thousands of personal savings options for you and your family. To see a listing of some of the memberperks® and merchant partners, please click here.

For details on our new member promo, please click here or please pass this message on to your colleagues and new members can join on-line by clicking on the JOIN/RENEW or they can complete this FORM.

All new member applications post marked by August 31st are eligible for this promotion.

If you have any question, please contact Lori Micucci at lmicucci@golfsupers.com or by telephone 1-800-387-1056 ext. 27.


Thank you for your support!


Lori Micucci

Manager, Member Services